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Tap Into Mindfulness provides tools to help manage technology usage.Technology is a great tool and as it continues to evolve, we find ourselves more and more dependent.However, we often find that we spend more time using technology, and using it mindlessly, than we do connecting with others, we are more distracted, we are more anxious.Tap Into Mindfulness provides a unique focus on how to be more mindful of our interaction with our smartphones and other devices, how we can reduce anxiety and stress, to be more focused and productive and how we can connect more with family, friends and others you interact with on a daily basis.

We come home from a day at work, our children are inside playing games on their phone, tablet or gaming console, your spouse is texting friends or on social media, you receive an email and head directly to your home office to respond to 1 email and end up being distracted and before you realize, it is bedtime.

Where did the time go? Did you talk to your family? Did you miss dinner? When this happens how do you feel emotionally? What is your physical reaction?

Imagine how it would feel to focus your energy and enjoy peaceful conversations with nothing to interrupt memories with your children. Visualize no longer feeling helpless regarding your child’s phone usage.

You’re out to dinner and instead of talking to your friends, everyone is using their phones.Do you feel excited or disappointed?

Consider actively communicating with your friends, truly being there to help them through struggles and celebrating their accomplishments.Are you excited or disappointed?

Reflect on how you would feel engaging with others without the distraction of technology.

These are scenarios we have all experienced. What emotions do these situations invoke? What physical reaction do you have? How do you feel differently in each scenario?

Technology should be embraced as a tool of our modern world you can pass these exercises in By Yourself down to your children to teach them mindful use of technology.

As a result of the evolution of technology, we have new issues, such as technology overusage, distracted driving, etc., that we struggle with each day to manage.We have increased stress and anxiety, insomnia and decreased productivity and focus.New technology, new problems, now we are seeking new solutions.Tap Into Mindfulness has a solution.We don’t believe in removal of technology, but using technology mindfully, to be aware of how usage of technology affects us emotionally and physically.

Tap Into Mindfulness presents a transformational 4 week audio course with workbooks to help you and/or your family on the path to mindful interaction with technology.

By Yourself is a 4-week audio course to help you become more mindful in your use of technology.The course includes exercises in each lesson to teach mindfulness while you are using your smart phone or other device.The purpose is to draw your attention to your physical and emotional feelings and your thoughts while interacting with your smartphone or tablet.

Each lesson is accompanied by a workbook to help focus on that particular session and the lessons build on the previous. The workbook summarizes what you can expect from the lesson, tips and guidelines for the class, class specific questions for each exercise are provided, along with common reactions. For individuals, we have the Parent workbook and if you have enrolled in the Parent with Child Class, our Parent Child Guide.

Parent with Child, a Tap Into Mindfulness Course, was developed to help manage interaction with technology by hands-on exercises to teach mindfulness and how it applies to technology.In this course you will become aware of how technology can be distracting, overwhelming and can create stress and anxiety.There are no wrong answers, feelings or thoughts.This course is designed to promote mindfulness, to be aware of how technology impacts you.

This course is for anyone who would like to improve their relationship with technology professionally or individually, as a family unit, or a teacher student relationship.If you’re looking for mindful ways to address modern problems for your students or children, want to improve habits in your work or private life or understand there needs to be a balance between technology and offline experiences, this course provides exercises and tools to help.

As a Mindful Educator, you will find this course unique in its simplicity in the method and delivery.Instructions for the exercises are clear and are a great for introducing mindful techniques to your children.

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Robert Plotkin
Robert Plotkin

Robert Plotkin, the founder of Technology for Mindfulness, is both an engineer and a long-time mindfulness practitioner. His background in computer science and engineering dates back over thirty years to his days programming an Atari 800 personal computer, through a degree in Computer Science and Engineering at MIT, and nearly two decades as a patent attorney specializing in patent protection for computer technology. His relationship to Zen Buddhism stems primarily from his study of Japanese martial arts for more than three decades. His fascination with the relationship and interactions between computer technology and the mind is reflected in his book on the automation of creativity in the field of inventing, The Genie in the Machine: How Computer-Automated Inventing is Revolutionizing Law and Business (Stanford, 2009).

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